The Studio

Studio Adriano Bittar is a place where you are treated in a special way. Our team works continuously to provide alternatives and treatments for you, so that your body can face the daily activities and challenges with renewed energy. Therefore, stress, lesions, depression, posture problems, lack of physical conditioning and other difficulties will be addressed through the activities offered at the Studio.

The result is an improvement in the quality of life, provided by the experience and dedication of our team. We are pioneers on the use of the Pilates method and of the Craniosacral Therapy in Brazil, and for over a decade we have been providing the best options in physical activities and manual therapies for you.

We always start our work looking at the structure of the body, as we base our actions on the principle that the body should be balanced structurally and functionally, so that it can flow. In doing so, we come to suggestions and modifications that, as time passes by, will be learned and become part of a healthier life.

Furthermore, Studio Adriano Bittar is the first Fletcher Pilates® educational center in Brazil. Fletcher Pilates® is considered one of the best schools of Pilates worldwide. This fact ensures a constant learning and allows us to always be updated and in agreement with one of the elders, Ron Fletcher, a teacher who was taught for years directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates. We also have as partners on the Post-graduate Course in Pilates that we coordinate, the first of its nature on our region, the university PUC/GO and CEAFi. On this Course we develop pieces of research that continuously result in growth and help us choose proven effective paths.

Allow yourself to live this enriching experience!