Adriano Bittar

Adriano Bittar is a Pilates teacher, a university professor, a researcher, a physiotherapist, a dancer and a choreographer. He has a post-graduate course in Craniossacral Therapy and Dance, a master’s in Performing Arts/UFBa, and a PhD in Art/UnB. Before dancing he was a professional volleyball player, having experienced the high performance athletic training. Adriano got to know Pilates at the Laban Centre, in London, in 1996, falling in love with it. Afterwards, he dedicated himself to dance, taking contemporary and ballet classes since 1996 at Quasar Cia de Dança, dancing for Solo Grupo de Dança (1996-2001), directing and choreographing Por Quá grupo experimental de dança (1996-2006) and working with the body conditioning of Quasar Cia de Dança since 2000. He took the Pilates courses from Polestar Pilates/1999 and Fletcher Pilates®/2011, and got certified by Polestar/1999 and Pilates Method Alliance/2013. As one of the first physiotherapists certified to teach by Polestar in South America, he was part of the first generation of teachers from this school that taught future Pilates teachers in Brazil (2000-2005). After Polestar, he created the first post-graduate course in Pilates of the central-western region of Brazil at PUCGO/CEAFI, still functioning as its coordinator nowadays. Always curious, Adriano got to know Fletcher Pilates® through videos, and after a while he met Kyia Sabin, that invited him to lead the development of this lineage, evolved from the roots of Pilates, in Brazil. He represents Fletcher Pilates® in Brazil since 2012, being a Fletcher Pilates® member of faculty. Adriano also works as a translator, having translated important Pilates teachers on international conferences, and manuals from Polestar and Fletcher Pilates®. He is one of the main responsibles for the introduction and development of Fletcher Pilates® in Brazil, and is also a speaker on the International Fletcher Pilates® Conference that happens in the USA bi-annually. He teaches at Universidade Estadual de Goiás, works as a physiotherapist for Quasar Cia de Dança, works with the body conditioning of theatre and dance groups, directs and see clients at Studio Adriano Bittar.

Lates/CNPQ resume


PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

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