At Studio Adriano Bittar you will find products related to Pilates and health in general, such as books and DVDs, that can help educate clients and professionals that work with the human movement.

Fletcher Barrework DVD

The Fletcher Barrework™ syllabus brings the Pilates Principles to standing movement. With equal attention to precision and flowing motion, the Fletcher Barrework™ series begins with basic leg and foot technique and articulation – and progresses to an elegant (and accessible) movement series.

Fletcher Floorwork DVD

The Fletcher Floorwork® program stays true to the Pilates Movement Principles with a distinctive artistic flair. Through exploration of breath, space, dimension and articulate spinal movement, Fletcher Floorwork® challenges students of all levels.

Fletcher Matwork DVD

This DVD provides two Pilates Mat workouts in one! The Level I Matwork program covers the basic Pilates Mat exercises while featuring the signature Fletcher precision and percussive breathwork. The Level II program includes the intermediate Pilates Mat syllabus and, by incorporating the Fletcher transitions or “goesintas,” will lead you through a flowing, continuous workout.

Also included is an exclusive introduction by Ron Fletcher on his studies with Joe and Clara Pilates and an easy to follow Matwork handout guide.