Pilates is the name given to a method of movement created by Joseph and Clara Pilates around the 1930s, which purpose is to provide a better quality of life, mental and physical balance. When creating this method, Joseph Pilates was highly influenced by Hatha-Yoga, Greek and Roman exercises, Zen meditation, and correct body mechanics, posture and breathing.

The exercises are performed in special equipment or on the floor; promoting strength, improvement in posture and general body flexibility.

People of all ages, athletes and pregnant women will find benefits when practicing Pilates with a good professional orientation.

Studio Adriano Bittar offers highly specialized Pilates classes. At first, each individual is carefully evaluated and a customized program is elaborated according to his/her needs and goals. The classes are performed individually or in small groups.

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Joseph Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was the inventor of fitness Pilates method.