Post-Graduation in Pilates, PUC/GO and CEAFi

Professionals who study the human movement, such as physical educators, physiotherapists, dancers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, among others, find at the Studio Adriano Bittar a place where they can learn different techniques, helping them to become unique in their business.

These techniques are based on researches and a customized way of working.

The Post-Graduation in Pilates was created to meet the demand for a specialization course in the midwest of Brazil, since there has been an increasing expansion but a lack of courses that emphasize the research and higher education in Pilates.

The importance of this course is related to the social return it will bring to the population that needs postural care, physical conditioning and rehabilitation, besides the commitment in motivating the research and science in order to further develop this area.

The course includes theory, personal practice and further training where the participant will have the chance to learn by observing, assisting the classes, or taking personal classes. The final paper of the Course is done with the help of excellent professors, consolidating the student’s journey and opening new horizons for the scientific investigation in this area.

Duration: 490 hours, divided in approximately 18 months.


Goals of the Post-Graduation Course in Pilates:

  1. Promote the qualification and improvement of professionals involved in the study of the body and movement, so that they will be able to work with the Pilates method in a scientific and inquisitive perspective;
  2. Enable professionals involved with the study of the body and movement to use the mat exercises (and accessories) and basic equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and Wall Unit) of the Pilates method in therapeutic, prophylactic and conditioning situations, respecting the scope of practice of each professional;
  3. Develop pieces of research that support the application and clarify the philosophic, physiological and biomechanical principles involved in Pilates;
  4. Disseminate concepts of physical skills and health applied to Pilates.


How to attend the Post-Graduation Course?

Contact us sending your information. As soon as you contact us we will send you some specific material about our Post-graduation Course. Another alternative is to contact CEAFi in case of questions.



Pós-graduação Latu Senso em Pilates,